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The above video will explain a little bit more about how our retail brokers work as well as key things to know about all retail brokers so regardless of whether you use one of our preferred brokers or have your own preferred broker. 

GT 247 - Best For UK SA & International Traders

If you are either an International or UK based client then GT 247 combines the best of the UK "spread betting" functionality through "spread trader" functionality  on the MT5 platform. They are fully regulated and Citi Bank as they client holding account  and they have very favourable roll over charges. 

Please use the link below so GT 247 know you are a TSC Member and both them and us can help

 1- Video 1 - Account Application / Opening

Video 2 - MT5 Web Based Platform 

Video 4 - Placing Trades 

1- Account Opening Procedure 

1- Complete Online Application Process 

2- Submit your Required Documentation

Required for both South African and UK & Internationals Client Applications  

1- Proof of Identification 

2- Proof of Physical Address

3- Proof Of Tax Reference Number  (UK & International Clients)


Send documents to newaccounts@gt247.com

Video 3 - MT5 Basics 

Video 5 - Position Sizing

Broker 2 - ETX Capital 

If you are a UK based and want to open a "spread betting" account then ETX are FCA regulated and have a very user friendly platform. They also offer a MT4 platform option.  One consideration is that since the New ESMA rules in June 2018 roll over charges and margin rates have worsened. 

Please use the link below so ETX know you are a TSC Member and both them and us can help. 

Video 1 - Account Opening 

Video 3 - Charts Basics 

Video 2 - Watchlist's & Navigation

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