The MOST IMPORTANT decisions 90% of traders NEVER MAKE......

Firstly a warm welcome from myself and the whole team here at Traders Support Club. 

We have been successfully teaching, supporting and coaching traders since 2010 and during that time we have seen some interesting patterns of what MAKES THE DIFFERENCE between CONSISTENT traders and the ones who are close, but NEVER quite make it! 

To make SIGNIFICANT improvements in your trading there are some KEY questions you need to ask yourself.... 

  • Are you in this for LONG TERM or the short term?
  • Do you have a BESPOKE trading plan developed specifically for your goals, personality and lifestyle?
  • Do you have a REPEATABLE, PROVEN STRATEGY that has been TESTED over years not just a few weeks?
  • Do you have a PRECISE Risk Management methodology that you apply to EVERY trade you place? 
  • Do you receive REGULAR LIVE Professional feedback on your trades from an ACTUAL TRADER, not just from a friend?


Over the years we noticed many unsuccessful traders......

  • Haphazardly trading what they think is a trading strategy, but is actually more a collective version of various technical indicators that suit their own market bias at the time! 

  • Have paid for poor quality training or have bought a strategy online, but never had the ongoing feedback and support they needed. 

  • Have spent hours wading through content on Youtube, MOST IMPORTANTLY without any of it being in the right order or knowing it's the right strategy for them.

  • Have either no clue how to manage risk or choose to repeatedly break their risk management rules because they are too concerned about the result of each trade. 

These can all change with the correct training and coaching, which is something MOST ASPIRING TRADERS have never experienced....

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 

We at TSC believe in this concept wholeheartedly and we see it play out all the time as traders try to progress. 

Often changing ONLY 20% of a traders whole process will have 80% IMPACT on their OVERALL SUCCESS. The problem is that MOST TRADERS don't even know the 20% that needs to change.....and even if they do, they very often find it HARD to change them! 

This is where Traders Support Club comes in! 

The Next Step......

Taking that next step is fundamentally why Tom and Owen have decided to come on board with us. 

Whether you are...... 

  • A complete newbie not wanting to fall into the classic trading traps
  • Or someone, just like Tom and Owen, smart guys with trading experience wanting consistency

It's important for you know exactly what products and services Traders Support Club offers, how our training actually works and get detailed answers to any specific questions you have. In turn it's important we know a little bit more about you and your trading goals and objectives so we can create a bespoke solution for you!  

As a Two Blokes Trading podcast listener, Traders Support Club is really pleased to be able to offer you EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on our two main membership packages! 

Introducing Lewis........

Over the years we have found the best way to initially help traders move forward is to start with a no obligation Trader Strategy call, NOT with a salesman but with an actual trader, who not only trades full time but has been through the same TSC training process

To Book Your FREE Trading Strategy Call Please 

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