About Us

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Alistair Crooks – Founder Of Traders Support Club

With over 18 years of trading experience and over 10,000 hours experience of coaching traders, Alistair not only knows how to make money in various market conditions, he also can see very quickly where other traders are going wrong. He swing trades 30+ currency pairs using multiple, highly profitable strategies and has developed online courses, technical tools, live events, mentoring mastermind groups that transform complete novices into professional, profitable traders. Having traded live at various expo’s around the world, spoken and advised some of the biggest names in the industry, it will come as no surprise that Alistair is top of the list when it comes to trading coaches.

Martin Dimitrov – Professional Trader & Coach

As an ex-martial artist, Martin draws upon hours of testing and trading experience to deliver a direct, actionable coaching style. He has developed highly intelligent risk-reward strategies and he deploys both manual and algorithmically trading styles. His level of detail is unparalleled and his story is inspirational.

Ceri Bryans – Professional Trader & Coach

Ceri consistently smashes 10-30% a month with her Dax Day trading approach. Her dedication to backtesting, strategy creation, and consistent monitoring of the markets has now also taken her into swing trading. Her ruthless trading style there is a unique simplicity to what she does and her understanding of new traders is refreshing and inspiring.

James Trickett – Professional Trader & Coach

James day trades and swing trades around growing his property portfolio and frequent travel schedule. He helps create many of the comprehensive video training programmes and trading tools. James has a passion for snowboarding, as well as showing new traders how trading can fit around their lifestyle regularly hosts trading webinars.