Our Success Stories

Name: Martin Dimitrov
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
Doubling My Equity In Only Four Months!

“After getting involved into the world stock market trading in the early 2013 I lost nearly two accounts! TSC not only showed me how to trade but they persevered with my desire to over trades and showed my clear ways to help get over this. They have helped me to trade profitably, and doubling my equity in only four months! TSC is a mastermind team of very successful people in every aspect of life and it is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to trade with them, learn from them and be a part of the friendly environment, they created. Thank you Ali, Ian, Sally, James and all the members of TSC for the life changing time I’ve been with you.”

Name: Ceri Bryans
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
Solid Direction & Support Throughout My Journey

“I have been a member of TSC for a year now and I cannot believe how much I have learned! Needless to say that when I first started trading, I was losing more than I won but now some 2 years later I have positive monthly figures that vary between 3% and 42% per month. TSC give me solid direction and much needed support throughout my trading journey. Both Ali and the team explain things in a simple way and are very patient. For that alone, I will be eternally grateful! If you are considering trading and are prepared to put the work in, then you should seriously consider joining TSC, who without doubt, will help you every step of the way.”

Name: Kris Friend
Markets Traded: FX & Commodities
I Now Trade Full Time

“Traders support club is a wonderful resource catering to all traders from the beginner upward. I have progressed phenomenally in my trading and in other very significant areas of my life because of the new thinking I am practicing with these guys. From knowing nothing of trading and starting at the most beginner stage possible and I am now trading full time and I am very happy with my career direction as I have a lot of support through the club. I am now earning a lovely little income from trading with recent numbers of 8%, 13% per month on my account. These numbers are becoming more frequent with only 3 losing months over the last year, and all small losses as well!”

Name: Nahrain Odish
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
Success Over The Long Term

Traders Support Club it is exactly what it says it is, but multiplied by ten! There is limitless support towards achieving your goals and becoming a consistently profitable trader. Trading can be challenging at best of times and whilst any new traders is able to get trading information or a strategy from various places, not all trading clubs have a genuine interest in their clients making progress. Also, with TSC coaches not only do they have proven records that what they teach works in ever changing market conditions but they also trade the same strategies they teach their clients.

Name: Lewis Crompton
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
No Experience To Full Time Trading

“After just 7 months of following TSC’s expert coaching and training, I was able to leave my job and trade whilst traveling the world. My best monthly return has been 12% and I average out to over 5% ROI per month. I love being part of a trading community that provides support, encouragement and challenge in many different forms Ali and team work have a sixth sense about the key things you need to focus on when to focus on them..”

Name: Tinus du Plessis
Markets Traded: FX & Commodities
Support Anywhere In The World

“Where ever I am once I log into the TSC trading room I can get focused straight away. Take your trading and learning to trade as seriously as you would doing a degree or taking on any new profession. No half measures! The market with treat you well and on someday’s treat you not so well, but with the TSC team around me because it’s well worth the effort! Rugby careers are finite and throughout my career I realised the power of a good coach and that’s what I get at TSC. My rugby career will end soon enough so trading will then allow me the freedom to still travel and retire happy.

Name: Daphne Fitzgerlad
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
Learning To Trade Properly

Having the courage to step out of my comfort zone and attend and invest the time energy and money with Ali and the team was one of the best investments in ME, I have ever made. I soon realised that wanted to trade too much but TSC made me see it from a statistical as well as emotional point of view. The Live Online Trading Room is by far the best element of their training it taught me to get strategic about my trading and then when I have months of 18% as I did recently, I don’t let it go to my head and as I get to trade alongside Ali and the team in a safe and structured way I am always learning.

Name: Peter Neophytou
Markets Traded: FX Indices & Commodities
Evolving From A Mechanical to Day Trader

Since starting I hit 13% in my first month on swing trading. Initally my day trading strategy has yielded 3.5% ROI in just two weeks risking only .5% of my account on each trade. “TSC has helped me to understand the markets and eliminate emotion from my trading. With the coaches assistance, I have evolved from being a mechanical trader to becoming a day trader, trading at times that suit me. I have also been trained to manage my risk and overcome a draw down I was experiencing. I would highly recommend TSC to anyone who is seeking to become a trader or existing traders who want to become even stronger and more discipline trader

Name: Kyle Robinson
Markets Traded: FX & Commodities
Moving Towards The Goal of Full Time Trader

“Early this year I decided to take the plunge and get around the RIGHT PEOPLE! I am still astounded by the ripple effect of that simple decision. I love being around the team, their passion and energy for what they do is infectious. In the early days Ali showed me that while my record keeping is second to none, I still wasn’t always able to act on the results from that level of detail because I got caught up in the emotion of each trade. Since then my best performing month is 21% yet TSC taught me to realise soon that it’s all about consistency and now I am moving forward towards my goal of full-time trader in two years.

“I’ve been trading Traders Support Clubs Daily Pivot Reversal Strategy … Its been a great success for me … in June 5 wins and 0 losses with 127pts … my best trade strategy at the moment. Loving it!” – Arthur Noonan

“With I have now started trading two strategies reversals and breakouts .This year I have placed 9 trades three breakouts and 6 reversals i have had 7 winners and two losers and the have all been swing trades. This has been possible by watching a lot of videos and understanding strategies and implementing them and finally going on price analysis weekends have given me the confidence to trade .thank you to Ali and Ian for all your help.” – Vijay Vidar

“This is by FAR the most accelerated learning I’ve experienced to date as an aspiring trader. I now trade with confidence knowing that I have Ali and other traders on tap for support, discussion, and feedback. Since joining I’ve gone from losing 50-70 points per week to now winning 40-60 points and climbing. I now feel for the first time that making reliable profitable returns is absolutely within my grasp. It’s also fun and non-competitive environment, with very little pressure to ‘perform’. We all go at our own pace. It’s a highly supportive atmosphere!” – Lee Thomas

“I now place less trades, make more points and have a greater success with my win loss ratio. My emotions whilst trading are in control (about 95% of time). My focus is sharp and my discretionary ability to choose the correct and quality trades has increased massively plus managing my trades has improved 100 fold and since joining I have a 60-80% win loss ratio.” – Gerry Howitt

“This is the first week that I’m up on points, which I’m really, pleased about and have averaged 15pts per day for the week! It’s been great to get input from others, but also from you guys in relation to live action. It’s invaluable training and I feel that the value for money we are getting is fantastic.” –Joel Buckley

“I have gained more from TSC than I would have ever imagined possible. I had done training with other industry leaders (who I also got a lot from) but it was TSC that really allowed me to put everything I’d learnt into practice. They teach simple tried-and-tested strategies that are straightforward to learn and follow. Most importantly they provide the coaching and support that really help you make the strategies your own and take your trading to a different level. I made 1500 points in my first month of demo trading and am now confidently placing trades in a live account.” – Paula Jenkins

“Previously we were getting about 40 points profit a month. Now we have already made a clear 82 points in a month. From the overall trading experience TSC has been a great experience in gaining knowledge and discipline in making sure our trading on track.” – Kevin & Jennifer Kember

“Being a member of TSC I have learnt so much more than I ever could on my own. There is a wealth of knowledge contained in the videos and information on the website, and Ali and the team are very supportive and patient in explaining a strategy or anything else I do not fully understand. They are excellent role models and I have gained an insight into my trading psychology, which is helping me to become a better trader.” – Patricia Machon

“Before my points win was very adhoc and broadly neutral, my win loss ratio was broadly 50% over the months before the room. In November 2010 I was up 120 points in the month and this was trading part time whilst running a busy business. My win loss ratio in November is 80%. Alistair is a fantastic teacher and makes the room fun and focused. If you are serious about making a difference to your life invest a small amount of money and your time.” – Richard Alton

“The ultimate treasure of graduation is far better than I could of ever imagined. Because now, I have acquired the necessary skills to trade professionally within the market and for this I thank you as you have been instrumental in my development.” – Eddie Quevedo